Established in 1945 Earthmovers Inc. is a family-owned and operated business servicing Connecticut and New York that specializes in a vast array of construction services including but not limited to; mass excavation, road building, grading, underground utilities, concrete flatwork, paving, rock crushing and aggregate sales. Through long-standing customer relationships, hard work, expert craftsmanship, and family values Earthmovers Inc. have been able to “Make The Grade” for over 70 years.



Earthmovers Inc. was established in 1945, in Danbury, Connecticut, as Kilian Brothers when Edward J. Kilian Sr. and his brother Andrew bought a single axle dump truck. Within a short time, the brothers bought a second truck and rented them out to the B.J. Dolan Company to haul material into the wash plant where the Dolans produced their concrete. After purchasing a model D4 Bulldozer, Earthmovers Inc. began to do grading work in the local Danbury area. In 1950, five years after the two brothers started the business; Edward bought out Andrew and began a new direction. In 1959 the company did its first major site work, winning the bid on the North St. Shopping Center in Danbury, CT. In 1960, Edward incorporated the company as E.J. Kilian and Son, Earthmovers Inc. Under subcontract by L.G. DeFelice in 1965, Edward connected Connecticut with New York state by doing the site and road work on what is now Interstate 84.

In 1967, Edward J. Kilian Jr. began working for his father full time, learning all aspects of the business. At this point, the company consisted of four employees and seven pieces of equipment. Up to this time the company had built roads and developed areas of Danbury such as the Sleepy Hollow area, including neighborhoods on the west side of town in the Middle River District. It was also during this time that the company shortened its name to Earthmovers Inc.

about_2 In 1975 Edward J. Kilian Sr. was forced to retire due to ill health. Following his retirement, his son Edward J. Kilian Jr. purchased the company and went at it full steam ahead. During this time he was the estimator, surveyor, machine operator, and foreman. Acquiring his blasting license in 1976, Edward branched out into the drilling and blasting business. In 1977 Edward purchased property on Old Mill Plain Rd. in Danbury where it operated until its move to a bigger facility at 93 Triangle Street in 2007.

After the passing of his father in 1982, Edward Jr. continued to grow the business to over 60 employees and over 600 pieces of heavy equipment. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Earthmovers worked on many projects throughout Connecticut and New York and solidified itself as one of the most reputable and reliable construction companies in the industry.

In 2001 Ed Kilian Jr. decided once again to expand and opened Earthmovers material yard and recycling facility. By making its own aggregates not only could Earthmovers be more competitive and offer its clients better pricing, but they could also serve other companies, surrounding towns and homeowners with quality materials. Also in 2001, after spending 5 years working part-time, Edward J. Kilian III joined the company full time while earning a business degree from Western Connecticut State University. After spending many years in the field and learning from his father and fellow employees he moved into the position of Vice President and oversees all aspects of the company today.

Today, in its seventh decade and third generation, Earthmovers continues to thrive through the beliefs, principles, and pride that the company was founded with over 70 years ago.

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