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Construction projects are big undertakings. Whether they are large scale commercial projects or personal residential projects, it requires a lot of effort. Earth Movers Inc. is here to help take on some of that effort for our Brewster clients. We offer several construction services, including our very own aggregate materials and recycling facility.

Some of our materials and services include:

  • Topsoil
  • Asphalt Millings 
  • Crushed Stone 
  • Fill Sand
  • Material Dumping

Our aggregate materials are available at affordable prices for all of our clients. To learn more about pricing, receive a quote, or discuss delivery, call us at 203-743-8385.

Our Aggregate Sales Serving Brewster

With each project, we help with and each service we provide, our trained team members work directly with our Brewster clients to make sure all needs are met.


Topsoil is an effective aggregate material for various construction or landscaping projects. Earth Movers Inc. offers two different types of topsoil: both regular and screened. With our own portable crushers and screening plants, we make sure our Brewster clients receive the best quality of topsoil every time.

Asphalt Millings 

Asphalt millings is a beneficial choice on several fronts. Not only is it a durable and versatile aggregate material, but it requires little to no maintenance for resurfacing or even replacements. Additionally, it is based on recycled asphalt materials from previous asphalt projects. We provide our asphalt millings to our Brewster clients as needed, so please call ahead to check our availability.

Crushed Stone

Earth Movers Inc. uses our portable crusher to provide the Brewster area with any type of crushed stone needed. We offer a variety of sizes to match the requirements of your specific project, whether commercial or residential.

We offer the following crushed stone sizes: 

  • 3” Crushed Stone ($17.00 per ton) 
  • 1 ¼” Crushed Stone ($18.00 per ton) 
  • 3/4 “ Crushed Stone ($19.00 per ton) 
  • Wall Stone ($65.00 per ton, please call for availability) 

Fill Sand

When it comes to creating a foundation or any type of base, fill sand is a quality choice. This aggregate material is ideal for compaction and, as the name implies, filling. Whether holes uneven landscapes or other irregularities, fill sand is a trusted material. Earth Movers Inc. has regular fill and screened fill, as well as fill dirt.

Types of fill sand we offer:

  • Fill ($5.50 per CY) 
  • Screened Fill ($5.00 per ton) 
  • Bedding Sand ($12.50 per ton) 

Material Dumping Serving Brewster

To meet the needs of all of our Brewster clients, Earth Movers Inc. also has a recycling facility. Located on site at our Danbury center, our recycling facility accepts materials from your construction projects. This includes gravel, stone, rock, and types of concrete (all within the certificate of conformity).
The pricing of recycled material is a flat rate of $6.50 per cubic yard. For large amounts of materials, we offer the following prices:

  • Dump Trailer (18 CY - $117.00)
  • Triaxle (15 CY - $97.50) 
  • Dump Truck 6 Wheeled (10 CY - $65.00)
  • Small Dump Truck (2 CY - $13.00) 
  • Containers (various yardage, please call for more information)


Aggregate Material Experts Serving Brewster

To have a quality construction project, you need quality construction services. That is the goal of Earth Movers Inc., to provide our Brewster clients with the best aggregate materials needed at affordable and reasonable prices. Our materials are available for pick up, but we also offer delivery for your convenience. Our delivery extends through Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Brewster, and Waterbury. If you have questions about delivery, pricing, or would like a quote, give us a call today: 203-743-8385.

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