If you are in the pavement business you have no doubt heard about crushed stone. Used for constructing roads, crushed stone is a material that can be used to produce asphalt and concrete. If you are looking for a crushed stone provider, look no further than Earth Movers. At Earth Movers, we offer various sizes for our crushed stone including 3 inches, 1 and 1-quarter inches, and 3 quarters of an inch.

The different Sizes of Crushed Stone

3” Crushed Stone 

Crushed stone in the 3-inch category is a heavier road base that is perfect for your large construction jobs such as a culvert ballast for railroad yards. Crushed stone at this size is also a great choice for filling huge holes that have formed due to erosion and use.Our 3-inch crushed stone is sold at 19 dollars per ton. 

1 ¼” Crushed Stone

At 1 and a quarter inches, crushed stone of this caliber is an ideal choice for railroad construction jobs. Since it is smaller than 3-inch stone, the 1 and a quarter inch stone is a go to candidate for drainage in railroad yards, which will help protect the yard from erosion. Earth Movers sells stone at this size for $21 per ton.

3/4" Crushed Stone

Finally, stone that has been crushed down to 3 quarters of an inch is best used for road base as well as paver base. The stone is easily mixed due to its small size which is why asphalt mixtures are best made with it. Additionally, 3 quarters of an inch stone is perfect for landscaping purposes. Stone that has been refined into this state runs for 22 dollars per ton at our shop.

Why Choose Crushed Stone?

Crushed stone is known for its versatility; since it comes in many grades, the stone can be used for a wide range of big and small projects. Additionally, crushed stone is recyclable which supports our Earth. Road work that is demolished does not need to be scrapped; the leftover concrete can be crushed down and screened to be used again. Often, this results in crushed stone; new asphalt does not need to be made for every project, and crushed stone often fits the bill. At Earth Movers, we have a 27-acre yard that is beneficial for processing and recycling.

Crushed Stone Material Dumping Services 

Along with manufacturing crushed stone, Earth Movers is also approved by the city and state to operate as a dumping site. Our rates start at $6.50 per cubic yard. We accept clean rock, stone, gravel, concrete, and asphalt. We will not take hazardous waste like chemicals and plastic piping, and we do not accept wood. Check out our fees for material dumping.

Why Choose Earth Movers?

Earth Movers is the best company around for recycling and processing crushed stone. We offer affordable rates for all of our clients, and our 24-hour delivery service extends to Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Brewster, and Waterbury.  If you are looking for an honest and dependable crushed stone delivery company, visit us at 10 Old Sherman Turnpike in Danbury, or contact us at (203) 743-5385 on our site to request a quote for materials.



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