Aggregate Material Sales Serving New Hartford, CT  Quality Top Soil, Asphalt Millings, Crushed Stone & More

Here at Earthmovers, Inc. our team of dedicated professionals strive to provide our New Hartford clients with a variety of different construction services. We also are proud of our state of the art material yard and recycling facility which allows us to create our own aggregate materials. Our clients receive only the highest quality, affordable materials to our clients in timelines accommodating to their needs.

Earthmovers Inc.

Old Sherman Turnpike Yard
Material Product List
Effective 4/01/23
6” Process(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$12.75 per ton
3” Process(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$12.75 per ton
1 ¼” Process$15.50 per ton
¾” Process$15.50 per ton
3” Stone$19.00 per ton
1 ¼” Stone$21.00 per ton
¾” Stone$22.00 per ton
Wall Stone(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$65.00 per ton
Screenings$11.00 per ton
Recycled Screenings(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$11.00 per ton
Recycled Materials(1 ¼)$9.25 per ton
3” Recycled Material$8.75 per ton
Fill$5.50 per CY
Screened Fill(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$5.00 per ton
Bedding Sand(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$12.50 per ton
Screened Top Soil$23.00 per CY
Rip Rap$25.00 per ton
Screened Millings(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$12.00 per ton
Unscreened Millings(CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY)$7.50 per ton
Dump Fee$5.00 per ton
Oversized Dump Fee$15.00 per ton
Truck Weights$5.00

**Please call ahead to verify plant is accepting asphalt, concrete & fill**

**We reserve the right to refuse loads at any time per the discretion of an EMI employee based on contents of load and/or inventory volume**

Plant Hours: 7:00am-3:30 pm Monday – Friday
Saturday 7:00 am – 12:00pm
Plant #: (203) 648-5285
Office #: (203) 743-5385

For your convenience
House Charge Payment Net 30
Late Charge 1.5% per month added to past due

Materials Product List PDF

Some of our materials and services include:

  • Topsoil
  • Asphalt Millings 
  • Crushed Stone 
  • Material Dumping

For more information about our aggregate materials, services and team of specialists, be sure to contact us at 203-743-5385.

Our Aggregate Sales Serving New Hartford

The aggregate team here at Earth Movers works hard to meet the individual needs of all our New Hartford clients.


Our top of the line topsoil, both regular and screened, are of the highest quality. We produce and screen the topsoil with our state of the art portable crushers and screening plants to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best from us.

Asphalt Millings 

The asphalt millings we provide here at Earth Movers to our New Hartford clients can be used for business owners looking to complete driveways or parking lots. Our materials are every bit sustainable and require no refinishing, resurfacing or replacing and are provided to our clients on an as needed basis. If you need to order asphalt millings, we ask that you please contact our facility in advance to ensure that we have the materials available for you.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is a popular aggregate material that comes in a variety of sizes. At Earth Movers we use portable crushers that allow us to provide our clients with a wide range of different sized stone. This is a perfect solution for commercial or residential construction projects in New Hartford.

We offer the following crushed stone sizes: 

  • 3” Crushed Stone ($17.00 per ton) 
  • 1 ¼” Crushed Stone ($18.00 per ton) 
  • 3/4 “ Crushed Stone ($19.00 per ton) 
  • Wall Stone ($65.00 per ton, please call for availability) 

Material Dumping Serving New Hartford

If you are in the market for a material dumping site or recycling facility, then you have come to the right place. We provide recycling and material dumping services to our clients in New Hartford. All you have to do is fill out a certificate of conformity in advance of our dedicated team handling recycling needs for clean rock, stone, gravel, concrete block, concrete or bituminous concrete.

Our team chargse a flat rate for all materials of $6.50 per cubic yard. If you have large recycling needs, here at Earth Movers we also offer:  

  • Dump Trailer (18 CY - $117.00)
  • Triaxle (15 CY - $97.50) 
  • Dump Truck 6 Wheeled (10 CY - $65.00)
  • Small Dump Truck (2 CY - $13.00) 
  • Containers (various yardage, please call for more information)

Aggregate Material Experts Serving New Hartford

Our highly skilled and professional team here at Earthmovers, Inc. is steadfast in meeting the needs of all our valued New Hartford clients. The aggregate materials and services we provide are both top-rated and affordable. We also offer delivery services to Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Brewster, and Waterbury, and clients can also choose to pick up their material at our yard site which is located at 10 Old Sherman Turnpike in Danbury, CT. For a free estimate or check on aggregate material availability, contact one of our team members today at 203-743-5385.

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