Ready for your next big project? Go green with earth movers! With our reliable team, you will eliminate a source of risk and potential delay to your project. We work hard to keep your job within budget and on time.

On of our various services include sand fill. Most sand is used in either concrete or hot mix asphalt (HMA), though it can be used in other areas of large construction projects as well as for homeowners. We have an incredible selection of options available, including topsoil for your lawn and garden, clay for your culvert and sand for contractors and homeowners working on their septic tanks; all dot approved. Not sure where to start? Call us today and one of our experts will assist you.

Why Choose Earthmovers as Your Fill Sand Provider

When you work with us you are making a sustainable choice. Earthmovers Inc. is also one of the only state and city approved dumpsites in the Fairfield/Litchfield/ New Haven counties. Sand uses include pipe sand, utility sand, asphalt sand and as base material for concrete paver patios and walkways.

When you work with us you are guaranteed quick and affordable service each and every time. We make sure to recycle as much product as we can to be re-used to do our part.

Our Sand Fill Services

Earth Movers is the industry leader of sand supply in Connecticut. All of our sand is available for bulk delivery and pickup at our location in Danbury. Some of our sand.

We offer a selection of sand fills including:

Concrete Sand: Concrete Sand and most mortar sands are washed sand products, meaning the dirt in them has been washed away. Though typically used in the creation of cement, concrete sand can also be used as pipe sand or as a leveling medium and base layer for above ground pools, patios or walkways. some use it as a bedding layer. This type of sand comes in a variety of sizes, which makes it ideal for filling joints, the spaces that occur between stone pavers.

Mason Sand: Washed mason sand is an aggregate size that has been crushed, washed and screened through a slotted screen. Mason sand and concrete sand can be used for many of the same projects, but, due to its fine texture, the mason variety is also an excellent alternative to beach sand. If you’re building a volleyball court, playground, or sandbox, use mason sand for a soft feel and attractive appearance.

White Sand: White sand is used in decorative applications, like landscaping projects and outdoor settings such as golf courses and sandboxes. It is made from crushed limestone, and has a finer texture than concrete sand, with small particles.

No matter your sand fill needs, we have you covered. Reach out to us with any questions, and one of our experts can help you with any questions.

Sand Fill Dumping Services

Earthmovers Inc. has a 27-acre material processing yard and recycling facility in which we produce a vast array of aggregate products once your project is finished. From dump trailers to small dump trucks to containers, visit our material aggregate sales page to see your options.

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Established in 1945 Earthmovers Inc. is a family owned and operated business servicing Connecticut and New York that specializes in a vast array of construction services. Through our long standing customer relationships, hard work, expert craftsmanship, and family values Earthmovers Inc. have been able to "Make The Grade" for over 70 years. Call us at 203-403-7267 or view our website to receive your quote today.



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