Aggregate Material Sales Serving Washington, CT  Quality Top Soil, Asphalt Millings, Crushed Stone, Sand Fill & More

Sustainability at Earth Movers Inc. is embedded in our business strategy and in our day-to-day operations.  Our mission is to provide timely deliveries and great customer service. What sets us apart from other suppliers is the support we provide our customers.  From the time projects are bid, through completion, we are always in touch with our customers to ensure their needs are met.  

Some of our materials and services include:

  • Topsoil
  • Asphalt Millings 
  • Crushed Stone 
  • Material Dumping

To learn more about our services and pricing give us a call at 203-743-5385.

Our Aggregate Sales Serving Washington

The Earth Movers aggregate team can help process and mine aggregate products to help meet the needs of our Washington clients. 


Achieve your best results when growing vegetables and flowers. Top soil is an excellent way to make your plants, lawn, or vegetables thrive all season long.  Earth Movers serving Washington is able to provide the highest quality topsoil at the best prices. We offer both regular top soil and screened top soil for your convenience.  

Asphalt Millings 

Earth Movers is a qualified asphalt milling contractor and we have the experience and tools it takes to precisely remove the most intricate depths of asphalt, concrete and stone.We have built this reputation through years of meeting the market demands, on time and with experienced and  well-trained employees ready to tackle projects of all sizes.

Crushed Stone

Earth Movers Inc. specializes in using its portable equipment to do on-site crushing and screening of materials at the customer’s construction and/or demolition site equipment necessary to perform your job. Our equipment, coupled with the decades of expertise, makes our on-site crushing services quick, reliable and affordable.

We offer the following crushed stone sizes: 

  • 3” Crushed Stone ($17.00 per ton) 
  • 1 ¼” Crushed Stone ($18.00 per ton) 
  • 3/4 “ Crushed Stone ($19.00 per ton) 
  • Wall Stone ($65.00 per ton, please call for availability) 

Fill Sand

For residential or commercial projects, sand is an excellent affordable option to level surfaces. Reach out to learn more about our fill sand services. Earth Movers can offer you with both screened or regular fill sand at our recycling facility located in Danbury. Reach out to learn more.

Types of fill sand we offer:

  • Fill ($5.50 per CY) 
  • Screened Fill ($5.00 per ton) 
  • Bedding Sand ($12.50 per ton) 

Material Dumping Serving  Washington

We can help you recycle clean rock, stone, gravel, concrete block, concrete or bituminous concrete (asphalt) after you have filled out a certificate of conformity. Our site in Danbury, CT has the capacity to take your leftover material.

All materials will be charged a flat rate of $6.50 per cubic yard. If you require a large amount of recycling, we also offer:

  • Dump Trailer (18 CY - $117.00)
  • Triaxle (15 CY - $97.50) 
  • Dump Truck 6 Wheeled (10 CY - $65.00)
  • Small Dump Truck (2 CY - $13.00) 
  • Containers (various yardage, please call for more information)

Aggregate Material Experts Serving Washington

We pride ourselves on being as eco-friendly as possible. Once your Washington project is done, we offer an onsite dumping ground to recycle what’s leftover. After you have filled out a certificate of conformity, we can help you recycle clean rock, stone, gravel, concrete block, concrete or bituminous concrete pick up material at our yard site conveniently located at 10 Old Sherman Turnpike in Danbury, CT. We strive to help our clients with their projects from start to finish. To get a quote, or to learn more about our services, call us at 203-743-5385.

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