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The dedicated specialists here at Earthmovers, Inc. provide high-quality construction services to all our valued clients in White Plains clients and those in the adjacent towns as well. We offer state-of-the-art recycling services at our material yard and recycling facility located in Danbury, CT. At our Danbury facility, we not only create and develop our own aggregate materials but we create our own bedding sand as well and offer all our quality materials at affordable prices to our White Plains clients and those in the nearby towns.

Some of the many materials and services we provide include:

  • Bedding Sand
  • Topsoil
  • Crushed Stone 
  • Asphalt Millings
  • Rip Rap
  • Material Dumping

For more information about our bedding sand and our many other aggregate materials, or to learn more about our facility and services, give a shout out to one of our staff members today at 203-743-5385.

Our Aggregate Sales Serving White Plains

Our award-winning team of highly experienced aggregate specialists here at Earthmovers, Inc. is steadfast in its commitment to meet the individual needs and demands of all our valued White Plains clients. At our 27-acre material processing yard and recycling facility, we take pride in the high-quality bedding sand and variety of other aggregate materials we produce on a daily basis. Whether you are in need of a few yards of screened topsoil for your White Plains residential home improvement project or large amounts of crushed stone for a special commercial project, the team here at Earthmovers has got you covered. We use only state-of-the-art equipment that includes our innovative portable crushers and we also offer two screening plants to serve all our valued clients in White Plains and the surrounding towns.

Top-Rated Bedding Sand

The knowledgeable team of aggregate specialists here at Earthmovers, Inc. strives to deliver all of our White Plains clients, both residential and commercial, with high-quality, affordable bedding sand that is suitable for projects of all sizes. A naturally occurring material that is not only high in clay but also has a fine silt content Bedding sand is a naturally occurring material that is not only high in clay but also fine silt content, bedding sand is capable of holding its shape regardless for every type of project. Whether you need to use the bedding sand as a base for pipe laying, backfill material for home improvement projects, or under concrete slabs, rest assured it will always prove to be the ideal option for your residential or commercial project.

Bedding sand has a coarse grade consistency that makes it more than suitable for a wide range of practical applications and uses. Sorted by both shapes and sizes, bedding sand is used for a wide range of projects and is definitely a popular choice by many of our White Plains residential and commercial construction clients. The sand has many uses as we have noted below, but is highly recognized for its primary use of providing a bed of stone or concrete for landscaping pavers. Many uses for bulk bedding sand include:

  • Providing drainage for work sites or playgrounds
  • Serving as a foundation bed for various landscaping pavers
  • Amending soil to increase drainage
  • Providing traction on icy and wet surface areas
  • Reducing mud in livestock yards
  • Serving as a backfill material for a wide range of construction project needs

Bedding Sand as A Paving Stone Foundation

When combined with landscaping pavers or stones and compacted, bedding sand is often used as a strong, firm top surface of a gravel bed. The combined layers present with a solid surface that allows for the quick and easy drainage of rainwater. Sidewalks, walkways, and other landscaping surfaces benefit greatly when rainwater drainage is successful. Surfaces are then less affected or hindered by water or ice.

Bedding Sand and Aggregate Material Experts Serving the Greater White Plains Area

Here at Earthmovers, Inc. our team of aggregate specialists strive to provide all our clients in White Plains and those in many of the nearby towns with the best all-around and affordable bedding sand and other aggregate materials. Further to our services, we offer delivery of materials to Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Waterbury, and Brewster. Our many clients can also pick up bedding sand and other aggregate materials from our highly reputable facility and yard site which is conveniently located at 10 Old Sherman Turnpike in Danbury, CT.

To obtain a free quote or to learn more about our high-quality services and materials including our bedding sand and other quality aggregate materials, or for more information about our material yard or recycling facility, reach out to one of our dedicated specialists today at 203-743-5385. Our team looks forward to serving you with all your aggregate material and recycling needs and to supporting you in White Plains residential and commercial improvement projects. Spring is here. What better time of year to give focus to and start initial planning of all your commercial and residential projects? Don’t delay. Reach out to the qualified team of specialists here at Earthmovers, Inc. today.

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