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If it's 2 miles of ductile iron water line or a grease trap for a restaurant, Earthmovers has what it takes to serve your needs. Whether you have a new development or an existing property, we can help with all of your underground utility construction. Our expert mass excavators can help prepare the site and to reach an adequate depth for your new system.

As a premier utility contractor in Western Connecticut, Earthmovers has installed hundreds of miles of sewer, water, and drainage pipe. Our services include:

  • Water line and service installation
  • Sewer line and service installation
  • Holding tanks, grease traps, and pumping stations
  • Drainage installation
  • Retention systems, infiltration systems, water quality unit installation
  • Electrical duct bank installation
  • Licensed plumbing and piping contractor
  • Aquarion approved H2O contractor


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